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Robinson R66 Helicopter

The Robinson R66 is expected to dominate the helicopter turbine market in terms of units sold.  Is in unequalled in its class and its reasonable price will definitely make this product of Frank Robinson’s another success.

Its first flight was carried out in 2007 and the production line is producing as we speak (September 2010).

Stream lined production will be in the first half of 2011.

So what is so special about this helicopter ?

Coupled with it’s reasonable running/operating costs, it boasts 5 seats.  Nothing special you might say, but for the size of the helicopter, it is a neat and compact little outfit.  5 seats, in our opinion, is all that you really need unless you are transporting a football side!  It also goes without saying that this little turbine engine is all the power you would really need.  It’s weight to power ratio is tremendous.  It would be unlikely that you would transport 5 people often, therefore at 4 passengers, at least you have the reserve power at your disposal.

According to Kurt Robinson, president of the Robinson Helicopter Company, the R66 took 7 years from inception/development right through to certification.

Robinson were looking to full a void in the market, something between their Robinson R44 and the larger turbines that were existing at that time.  A good example was the Bell 206 Helicopter.